Friday, 26 August 2011

A question of chronology

Today's editing has revealed that there are a few markers in the plot in the middle of my novel that don't fit. It's a detail that might easily be missed by readers but I think its important.It' about total believability, so everything has got to be historically accurate. I have a scene with one of the main characters being stood up by the protagonist(his lover)...and put in this scene what is on TV that night - a popular programme that was on at that time(May 2002). I had to get this spot on because what comes immediately before on the plot timeline, and what comes after are crucial to the overall plot. I picked Big Brother series three - first episode but when I got to the subsequent scene this didnt work as chronologically I was somehow a week short! So I had to go back and find something else, something from the previous Friday to make everything fit.It needed to be a programme that was also popular and one readers might luck would have it , I found something but I cant seem to get the TV schedule for that night to find out what time this programme started. Oh well! I will have to' ask a friend'.
Bren Gosling

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  1. If all else fails you could try something like the BFI -- who also document TV.

    Have you tried going to a reference library and going through their archive of the Radio Times or Time Out -- that would nail it.

    Also, the Independent newspaper has an archive going back to 1994 -- not sure if that includes TV listings, though. (TV Listings themselves are copyrighted and only reproduced under licence.)