Sunday, 15 November 2009

yesterday again!

Yesterday participated in an excellent writers workshop with Vicky Grut in a pub room at the lower end of Theobalds road...we were a small group - always good -and did some straight forward creative writing excersizes and as often is the case some very useful stuff emerged - some of which I know is going to be useful in my approach to the novel(and I may even have some actual new base references for prose ! So that was definately worth it. It was strange seeing my writers bio in the workshop portfolio - God, Ive come so far in the past few years, since that hell period when I shuffled around indooors and couldnt imagine in my wildest dreams even a short walk up the road!If anyone's ever does peak at this blog who has or know someone with CFS/ME - I do hope that my story will inspire! (Talking of MY Story i NEED TO WORK TO COMPLETE THAT(the BBC My Story True amazing stories competition - Ive done a first draft on my new workbook but it needs atleast a couple of more dedicated sesssions)It' s almost unbelievable. Undoubtly Forest Writers were a milestone - before that I fwelt very much on my own and in the dark.

After the workshop met H - I took a black cab for 6 quid to the Barbi and did a metta Bav Meditation in the basement(though it was busy and noisy iy didntseem to bother me); I so got into my meditation that 5pm came and went without me being aware of it and I missed our agreed rondevous at that time outside the Waterside cafe. When I got there afeww minutes late, H was not there ; just recieved an answerphone message to ask where I was. When I caled him his phone went onto answerphone so I ended up having dinner aloneBUT I was surprised by the deliciousness of the food(usually its a last resort sallon if I we end up eating there!) I had steak and kidney pie witj pumpkin and garlic mash, which was a bit gloopy but tasted very good - and a side of very passble carrot and red cabbage.

Tmes ticking and I need to shower and clear the dinningroom table of an avalnche of bloody papers and then get cooking spag bol for luch - Robert and Andrew are comming for Lee and then we plan to walk to Springfield Park. Its a nice sunny day!


IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE - do identify yourself. Do comment!


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