Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Another reading at Foyles!

I will be reading a new short story at Tales of The Decongested at Foyles in the Charing Cross Road in London on 27th November - so - anyone reading this - if youre interested do come( and say hello)...its a great event to showcase the short story genre! HERE ARE THE DETAILS:

The event will be on the 27th at Foyles - usual place, same time of 7pm. This time it really will be our last ever event at the bookshop. We decided to stay when we accepted a submission from an author called Jason Merrells who, it turns out, is a bit of a TV celebrity. Hopefully it'll attract a few extra guests. I don't think we'll exactly get a Wembley sized crowd, but we're expecting to get enough bums on seats to actually break even for once!But anyway, any hoards you can attract from your side will be much appreciated. As an added incentive, if they buy their tickets from our website (http://www.decongested.org.uk/) they'll get their first glass of wine free.


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