Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Two nights without much sleep and I am like a zombie. oH, HOW i HATE NOT SLEEPING! M anaged to get to Uni class last night by minicab. However they sent Two driver to collect me! I got in one car then got out of that car and into the car of the guy who'd dropped me off originally. I felt bad because driver number two came all the way from the same cab office in Walthamstow and ended up with no fare...still, not my fault and what to do? My lack of sleep from night one caused be to be irratable and rude(I thought)...so I asked the driver to tell me his story..where he was from etc...(India, Bangalore, been in London 8 years, was an engineer, had si xmonths in Germany before comming here, London a great city, some asain people find it lonely - cos they never go out - but not me, I got an ulcer, used to work for Bank of Scotland, lost my job, things are difficult for me at the moment, personal problems too, I've had a job offer from Dubai but I dont want to leave London - but - I may have too, been cabbing for 3 months, not what I want but sometimes you have to do these things to get by, its a job anyway)...ME - "OH." (and what can I say to that!)

Thought I would copy out here something thats going on to a white card later; Goodness knows where I am going to use it but its such a great snippet I just have to write it down. (It was related to me by my yoga teacher who is a 32 year old female New Yorker)Here it is:
"Last week I met
a transexual psychic who used to be a porn producer who says she still likes women but is not a lesbian. The thing is I have this feeling she fancies me." I need to catch up with some sleep now.

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