Thursday, 22 October 2009

..have now got over the cold that was bugging me over the weekend...Mon and Wed at uni...the course bit thats the horse whip (and sometimes I hope) the carrot to keep me on track with the novel. Yesterdays class was particualrly helpful - character building stuff- I am begining to feel that my original idea of the new ID imigrant street sweeper protagonist fleeing the Balkan conflict story line will work for a novel....have begun scribbling on white cards and have cleared space in my home office for a white board. Then I need to dig up my old /existing notes on Sweeping Up The Village(I may now retitle it as The Man with Burnt Hands)...all will be revealed at a later date - watch out for my novel synopsis which will come by 18th Novemeber.

On my way home last night after class I noted down on a scribble card something that I found moving/striking/intersting ....3 (youngish) unshaven men, well dressed but not enough clothes for the turning weather thats arrived - lying drunk(to blot out!??..they looked Eastern European) in a dishevelled heap in front of the air vent at Angel Tube station . Then it dawned on me that they were there because the warm air blowing out of the station vent was keeping them warm..they had a kind of ironic serene expression of their faces..
then, back at home, I watched "Banged up abroad"on TV and learned about how hostages feel under the threat of execution and ongoing torture..all noted down and potentialy of use somewhere along the line.
Elaine my housekeeper is leaving so I have to go now.

OH, I HAD A NOTHER SHORT STORY ACCEPTED BY TALES OF THE DECONGESTED - they want me to read it at their November event..its "Give &Take" - the piece at wrote and workshoped on the Chroma Queer writers residential recently...thats 3 shorts I've had published within 12 months! Off to not too bad a start then.....

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