Wednesday, 30 November 2011

This waiting game is horrible !

My manuscript is sitting out there somewhere in an agent's office,or on their laptop and I have no idea if it's been looked at yet;or, if it has been looked at how has it gone down? Etc, etc etc...I have let my child go off alone into the world and am waiting for their first call home. The characters,the novel plot are very much alive and in my head all of the time. I care about them/the story as though they are close family. At our City Writers reunion last Saturday ,one of my peers told me how he is still waiting on an agent to commit or not to his novel after almost four months from them recieving it! I should really begin something new as I've not written for over 3 weeks now.The other evenning I did critique a friend's poetry, which she wants to translate into English from the original Icelandic.That was interesting to do.

Oh well, la,la,la,la... Off to a Panto tonight and on Friday up to lovely Aldeburgh for a long weekend.

Bren Gosling


  1. I wonder if anticipation of sort of agonies you're going through are connected with a sort of subliminal reluctance on my part to actually finish my manuscript -- not wanting the child to go wandering off into the world?

    Lots of people say you should crack on with the next novel because, hoping for the best and thinking that the finished manuscript will be published, when that time comes you'll be so busy that there won't be much time to write the follow-up (which due to lead times everyone would be clamouring to be delivered around the time the first one is published).

    We had a discussion with the ex-City workshoppers about the merits of packaging up a manuscript sent out to agents into a Kindle friendly format and putting it 'out there'. We concluded that there probably wasn't a lot to lose and possibly something to gain because agents would know that there was the potential of it being picked up by someone else.

    I've now got a Kindle app and I think I'm going to experiment with e-publishing myself -- possibly bits of my blog.

  2. An interesting proposition re the Kindle AP let me know how it goes!

    Bren Gosling