Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Poised...for 'write bytes'

I am poised to begin another redraft...though I know ( AND HAVE HAD FEEDBACK) that's I 'm nearly there it still seems daunting. The only way is to look at what I now have to do in terms of 'write bytes ' - discrete sessions where I focus on one or two tasks. I will now - after I've downed another cup of tea, get on with the redrafting of the latest chapter I tutorialed with Emma last week and integrate it into the manuscript.

On Sunday I interviewd a PhD student at London University SEES to check again the detail of the back story of my novel and make sure I have accurately portrayed every thing according to the cultural norms and chronology of the time period. The interviewee was immensely helpful - also with language issues - so I now have a template for Almir's speech pattern, but will probably leave this aspect until I have done everything else as I will have to go through the entire novel from start to finish with only this in mind.

Bren Gosling


  1. Well done on getting this point. How many words is the novel, if you don't mind my asking?

    I can anticipate approaching my first draft in a similar sort of way -- working on specific bits to make them fit. I've now got a dark backstory for one of my characters which will be revealed as the novel progresses so I'll have to hint at that as I go on.

    And I also may do the same with speech. I know how my non-native speaker will talk (she's compltely fluent) but it will help me just to go through the whole novel, as you plan to do, to concentrate just on making that consistent.

    Thanks for the comments on my blog which have prompted me to put a long, long-overdue posting up.

  2. Hi Mike...I have 75k words currently...it may run up to a couple of k more but I can't see it above 80k. Will let you know when I am done with it :). Glad to see you back on the bog!

    Bren Gosling