Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Organise, organise, organise

...this is what I'm trying to do now with the material(well over 80k words) I have drafted - some of it not needing much more work, some a complete re write. Alas, I'm HOPELESS with computer filing systems and I atempted today to collate every file I've put a scene or a chapter or other relevant notes in all into a latest version of a COMPLETE draft of my novel. I gave up after files began dissappearing and not pasting into the master when I thought I had copied them. Instead I made sure everything's backed up for now. I want to print a hard copy of the entire draft so far(I'll have to go to the local printers for that) and read it through at this point in time. I did manage to email prep for the Writers Progress Retreat I will be attending from Sunday at Circle of Misse in France, to the retreats' writer in residence - who happens to be(lucky for me) my mentor, the wonderful Emma Sweeney. I am going to workshop first the re write of the chapter which introduces my R character in the novel. Thereafter I want to work soley on the ending.
Shave, shower and get ready for my Tuesday Tango class then milonga up in The West End now.
Bren Gosling

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